I make innovative software run faster

If your users are waiting, you have a problem.

Your dev team is talented and capable. Your product has excellent market fit. Now all you have to do is to handle the influx of users, serve them faster and use fewer servers.

You know your users, your developers know the work, but you can't be an expert at everything. I specialize in slashing wait times and improving user experience while containing costs and improving security for companies that have market ready products, finding the minimal change that packs the punch you need to give your users what they want, when they want it. My ultiamte goal is to make the software I work on serve millions of users, faster.

Clients, Employers and Partners Include:

Cisco Verint Redis Labs Elbit
Emedgene Poptin Poptin Vioozer

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We brought Adam on board as our Chief Architect to assist with the planning and execution of major structural changes.

His work helped us improve the performance of our bioinformacs SaaS, lowering computation time and cost by around 40%.

Adam's Architecture diagrams and process analysis documents helped our sales team streamline the technical sales process by making it easier to inform prospective clients about our architecture and the security measures we have taken (and will be taking in the future), as part of that process he had also ensured our company would comply with GDPR, HIPAA and SOC2 type 2, worked with suppliers and auditors and joined client meetings to plan for future demands, effecvely operang as acting CISO.

We are sad to see Adam go, and would wish him good luck in his future endeavors.
We hired Adam for a strategic project with a tight deadline. Adam did an excellent job implementing practical and efficient HPC solutions, delivering quality code well ahead of time, and very fast in implementing fixes and enhancements which were seamlessly integrated into our systems with tremendous business value. His performance and service exceeded our best expectation, his involvement saved us weeks of R&D and helped us meet the deadline with a strategic partner.

We would definitely hire him again for any HPC job.
Adam helped us create a simple system around complex ideas with complex requirements and everything in a fun, pleasant and timely atmosphere.

Adam is one of the best system designers I have ever had the pleasure worked with (of not the - best). A truly gifted Architect.

Besides, he's a great drinking buddy.
Once we've started scaling our user base, we encountered an efficiency problem and had to find a quick and effective solution.

We turned to Adam from Tamar Labs for consulting. It didn't take too long and Adam came up with a great solution to handle our product's architecture. Immediately we've seen a huge boost in performance.

Thanks Adam!
We run a POC/PV lab from L2 to L7 in the cloud, and Adam from Tamar Labs helped us design the right architecture, enabling us to scale up easy, and connecting third party systems. Tamar Labs staff are real professional with deep understanding and perspective for developing in agility, hands on in devops for fully integration workflow utilizes any cloud PaaS and IaaS.

Adam is a strategic partner for our plans to build a scalable and extendible POC Lab.
Adam is fearless software architect, diving into cutting edge technologies and obscure legacy code with the same passion and “can-do” approach.

He is quick to grasp new concepts and designs, and regularly demonstrates the ability to see the potential issues that hide either in the details or in the future.

His fields of expertise revolve around architecture and performance of large-scale software solutions, but I’ve seen him successfully apply similar principles from low-level timer latencies to web development. I’ve had the privilege of working with him on several technical projects, both as a technical owner and as an extra hand, and I hold his skills, both in facing customers and in facing technical challages, in high regard."